Had a colonoscopy . Prep was okay; staff was competent; easy peazy. Good experience.

Albert Sherburne | Oct 03, 2022

Very pleased with my first appointment with Dr. Berkman. Listened to my concerns. Allowed ample time for me to express myself. He was informative, courteous and patient. He readily earned my admiration and gratitude. Thank you Dr. Berkman

Anonymous | Sep 28, 2022

If you want a good surgeon with poor bed side manner or patient relations then ask for Dr Tassoni. He rushed through the instructions, was impatient when I tried to clarify them, told me probiotics were a fad, dismissed me when I questioned the acid blocker and told me he had to go. Appointments are 15 minutes. Baystate Gastro has a much better reputation. I find Baystate affiliated doctors to be more patient and give you their time, not so much with Cooley/ Mass Brigham docs. Baystate seems to be patient-centered care vs Mass Brigham profit-centered. I know hospitals are running a business and the value-centered mission is important.

Kathleen K. | Aug 24, 2022

Dr. Ganz and Dr. Budhraja are gifts to humankind. I am so grateful they brought me to wellness after a long journey. Nora Johnson

Nora J. | Aug 20, 2022