Video Capsule Endoscopy

Video Capsule Endoscopy services offered in Florence, MA

Video capsule endoscopy is a high-tech method of visualizing parts of your digestive tract. At Hampshire Gastroenterology Associates, LLC in Florence, Massachusetts, the board-certified specialists offer video capsule endoscopy as a noninvasive method of gathering valuable information and planning your treatment. Call the office for help today. 

What is video capsule endoscopy?

Video capsule endoscopy is a way to evaluate your digestive tract. During a VCE, you swallow a miniature camera contained in a pill-like capsule. 

As it moves through your digestive system, it gathers video images. You’ll have a sensor attached to your abdomen, and you’ll wear a data recorder at your waist. The data recorder holds about eight hours of images. 

After eight hours, you’ll return to Hampshire Gastroenterology Associates, LLC so your provider can collect the data recorder. They’ll download the recorded data to a computer so they can analyze it. 

When might I need a video capsule endoscopy?

Your Hampshire Gastroenterology Associates, LLC provider might recommend a VCE if you experience small intestine bleeding. Some common signs of small intestine bleeding include anemia and low blood count during blood testing. You may also experience blood in your stool.

VCE can help your provider to diagnose problems such as Crohn’s disease, tumors, polyps, and ulcers. 

How does VCE compare to other types of endoscopy?

Other endoscopy methods, like upper endoscopy, can evaluate the first part (the first one-third) of the small intestine, while colonoscopy examines the large intestine. 

But, the remaining two-thirds of your small intestine are hard to evaluate using other methods. That’s where a VCE can come in. In some cases, video capsule endoscopy can also be helpful in evaluating other parts of your intestines. 

What happens after a video capsule endoscopy?

After a VCE, you can go back to your normal routine right away. Eventually, you’ll eliminate the capsule during a bowel movement (usually within 12 hours). You don’t need to retrieve the capsule, and it’s okay to flush it in the toilet. 

How do I prepare for a video capsule endoscopy?

The Hampshire Gastroenterology Associates, LLC team provides a list of preparation instructions before your VCE. You need an empty stomach for optimal images, so you must fast for eight hours before your VCE. 

You’ll use a special bowel prep to fully clean your intestine before the VCE. Preparation usually starts a day or two before your procedure. 

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